Cross Art-Form

Sometimes the Sky's Too Bright

The Developing Dylan cross art-form workshops are intended for disaffected and disadvantaged young people aged 11-16 (Key Stages 3 & 4). Each workshop is run by a team of two different visual artists, musicians, performance poets and an actor, comprising a team of fourteen Welsh and Wales-based artists. The team of artists includes Huw Aaron, whose cartoons regularly tickle the pages of Private Eye and Reader’s Digest, Martin Daws, an electrifying poet who’s also the current Young People’s Laureate of Wales and Rufus Mufasa, bilingual rapper, MC, singer songwriter, spoken-word poet, comedy writer and performer.

The team of artists varies, making the content of each workshop and the work produced by the pupils original and unique. Dylan Thomas’ themes and texts are used as a starting point. The pupils then engage with these through media of self-expression including visual art, creative writing, voice recording, music and animation, depending on the team leading the workshop. To get an idea of what’s been produced during the workshops you can click on the link below or check our Flickr account here.

The cross art-form workshops are closed sessions and are available free of charge for a limited amount of pre-selected schools throughout the 2013/2014 academic year. There are still sessions available so if you think your school is eligible, please do get in touch by clicking on the contacts page above.

The pupils produced some really creative animations and we were delighted with the pupil response. The whole concept of the workshop is excellent and and has helped pupils with varying abilities engage with challenging subject matter with immediate and creative results!” – Hannah Penny, Art Department, Stanwell School


Under the Spelling Wall

Literature Wales is also working with Wales Millennium Centre in collaboration with Gwyneth Lewis on their cross art-form workshop series, Under the Spelling Wall. Ten years ago, Gwyneth was asked to create the poetic inscription which is now so recognisable on the face of Wales Millennium Centre. Now, pupils across Wales will be asked to create their own inscription which will be recorded in a digital format. The Centre, Gwyneth and a team of talented writers will work with 17 pre-selected secondary schools and give pupils the opportunity to respond to the work of Dylan Thomas through literature, in Welsh or English. Using the pupils’ ideas, Gwyneth Lewis will then create a new inscription which will be displayed, along with all of the pupils’ ideas, as part of the Centre’s 10th Anniversary celebrations. For more information, contact